Customizing Empty Walls with Art

Empty walls present a blank canvas for creativity and personal expression in any interior space. By integrating Lubad panels, you can infuse warmth, texture, and color into rooms, transforming them into vibrant areas that reflect personal style and artistic vision. Here’s how to embark on this transformative journey, customizing your walls with Lubad panels.



Conceptualizing Your Design

Begin by envisioning the mood or theme you want to create. Whether seeking a serene retreat, a stimulating workspace, or an engaging living area, your design concept will guide your color, pattern, and texture choices. Lubad panels offer a versatile palette to realize your vision, from subdued hues to bold, vibrant colors.


Selecting the Right Panels

Choose panels that align with your design goals and functional needs. Consider the acoustic properties of felt for spaces where sound dampening is desired, enhancing both the aesthetics and the auditory experience of the room. Lubad's selection includes a variety of colors and patterns, enabling customization to your precise specifications.


Planning and Layout

Sketch your design or use digital tools to layout the panels, experimenting with configurations until you find the perfect arrangement. This step is crucial for balancing the visual elements of color, shape, and space, ensuring your final installation is harmonious and impactful.


Installation with Ease

Lubad panels are designed for simple installation, allowing for a DIY approach to revamping your walls. With adhesive backings or easy-mount systems, you can bring your design to life without the need for professional assistance, making this a practical and satisfying project.


Enhancing with Lighting and Accessories

Consider how lighting and accessories will interact with your wall. Strategic lighting can enhance the texture and depth of the felt, while complementary accessories, such as art pieces or shelves, can add layers of interest and functionality to your design.



Sustainability and Maintenance

Opting for eco-friendly panels contributes to a sustainable design ethos, ensuring your creative endeavor is also environmentally responsible. Lubad panels are durable and easy to maintain, ensuring your walls remain vibrant and inviting over time.



Customizing empty walls with an artistic touch of Lubad panels not only transforms spaces visually but also enhances their functional attributes. This approach allows for a personalized expression of style, making any room more engaging and comfortable. By following these steps, you can create a space that is uniquely yours, reflecting your taste and creativity.


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