Why use felt products?
Wall panels with new designs with their high quality and features to improve the working and living environment.

I would choose paintings for the office or the house. 
The panels are available in several shapes and colors and correspond to all decorations and walls.

Is it difficult to install panels Yourself?
It is very easy to install and disassemble, with free installation sometimes.

Can I order exclusive Custom designs?
You are free to order special designs of art wall panels, suitable for your home decor and reflect your good taste.

Can I change the location of the paintings after a while?
Easy to disassemble, install elsewhere, and reuse differently.
The materials used in the paintings are high-quality, harmless, and environmentally friendly materials.

Shall I benefit from the use of Lubad Tiles?
Easy solutions to hide wall defects with the advantage of reducing the reflection of sounds in the interior spaces.

How Can I Keep the Tiles Clean?
Easy to clean and its colors are not affected by heat and moisture factors.